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Functional constituencies

There are 29 functional constituencies (FCs) returning a total of 35 Legislative Council members. These FCs represent sectors which are substantial and important to the development of the community. Each of the FCs returns one member, with the exception of the Labour FC and the District Council (second) FC which return three and five members respectively.

Who may register?

Please click buttons below for details of the eligibility for registration in a FC:




Accountancy (open in new window) Engineering (open in new window) Industrial (First) (open in new window)
Real Estate and Construction (open in new window)

Agriculture & Fisheries (open in new window) Finance (open in new window) Industrial (Second) (open in new window)
Social Welfare (the part for individuals only) (open in new window)


Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape(open in new window)

Financial Services (open in new window) Information Technology (open in new window) Textiles and Garment (open in new window)

Catering (open in new window)

Health Services (open in new window) Insurance (open in new window) Transport (open in new window)

Commercial (First) (open in new window)

Heung Yee Kuk (open in new window) Labour (open in new window) Wholesale and Retail (open in new window)

Commercial (Second) (open in new window)

Import and Export (open in new window) Legal (open in new window) Medical (open in new window)
District Council (First) (including Hong Kong and Kowloon District Councils subsector and New Territories District Councils subsector) (open in new window) Education (including Education subsector and Higher Education subsector) (open in new window)
Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication (including Sports sub-subsector, Performing Arts sub-subsector, Culture sub-subsector and Publication sub-subsector) (open in new window)

Tourism (including Tourism subsector and Hotel subsector (open in new window)

District Council (Second) (open in new window)  


In addition, you may get a copy of the full set of the guidance notes through the following link:

Point to note

Individual/body eligible to be registered as a FC elector (except District Council (second) FC) must also apply to be registered as both an elector of a FC and an Election Committee (EC) subsector voter (either a corresponding subsector or an optional subsector). An eligible person or body is entitled to be registered in only ONE FC and only ONE EC subsector.

If you/your body wish to confirm whether you are a registered elector/voter, you/your body may check your latest registration particulars through Online Voter Information Enquiry System (www.voterinfo.gov.hk(open in new window)) or calling the Registration and Electoral Office’s Enquiry Hotline (2891 1001).

How to register

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