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Address proofs

Starting from 1 February 2018, applications for change of registered address by electors must be submitted with address proofs issued in the last three months.

For electors who are the authorised occupants of public rental housing under the Housing Department or registered residents in the tenancy of subsidised housing under the Hong Kong Housing Society applying for change of registered address, and that the addresses in the tenancy records match the residential addresses provided by the electors, address proof requirement for such electors may be exempted.

However, residents of housing units under the Home Ownership Scheme, Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme or public housing units which have been sold (e.g. flats under the Tenants Purchase Scheme) fall outside the scope of exemption and the electors concerned should provide valid address proofs.

For cases where the Electoral Registration Officer cannot cross check an elector’s address information in the data matching with concerned department/organisation, the Electoral Registration Officer may request the elector to provide an address proof when applying for change of registered address under section 10A of the Electoral Affairs Commission (Registration of Electors)(Legislative Council Geographical Constituencies)(District Council Constituencies) Regulation (Cap. 541A).
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