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Acceptable address proofs

The Registration and Electoral Office accepts the documents below issued within the last three months (date of receipt by the Registration and Electoral Office will be adopted as the form submission date), which bear the issuing date and name of issuing organisation as a valid proof of address. The relevant documents must also bear the elector’s name and principal residential address (name and address printed on the document should be identical to those given in the application form):

  1. bills or invoices issued by public bodies (e.g. utility bills for water, electricity or towngas services);

  2. correspondence from government departments or the Judiciary;

  3. statements or correspondence issued by banks, insurance companies or Mandatory Provident Fund Approved Trustees;

  4. bills of landline telephone, mobile phone, paid television or internet services;

  5. documents or bills issued by local post-secondary institutions which reliance can be placed on confirming the elector’s residential address;

  6. valid and "stamped" (for stamp duty) tenancy agreement (the criterion of being issued within 3 months before the date of submitting the application is not mandatory but such tenancy should cover the date of application); or

  7. bills, correspondence or other documents issued by public organisations such as the Hospital Authority, Housing Department, Hong Kong Housing Society, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, etc.

If an elector does not have any of the above address proof, the Registration and Electoral Office will also accept the following documents as address proof:
  1. Address proof bearing the name and residential address of the person residing with the elector, and a declaration signed by the elector to confirm that such other person is living with the elector at the same address above and that the attached address proof is a complete authentic copy or true copy of the original. Sample of the declaration can be downloaded here(open in new window); or

  2. A statutory declaration provided by the elector made before a Commissioner for Oaths/a practising solicitor/a Justice of the Peace to substantiate the claim of residing at the address by virtue of the Oaths and Declarations Ordinance (Cap.11). Free service for members of the public who need to make sworn declarations is available at District Offices. Sample of the statutory declarations can be downloaded here(open in new window).

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