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Corporate electors

To Register as a Corporate Elector for a Functional Constituency (“FC”)

A "body" means an incorporated or unincorporated body, and includes a firm or a group of persons (which may include incorporated or unincorporated bodies) who are associated with each other through a shared relevant interest.

Who may register

To register as a corporate elector, your body must:
  1. possess the qualifications required for registration in the FC (You may click here for details of qualifications required for each FC);
  2. not subject to any disqualification from registration(open in new window);
  3. appoint an authorized representative (“AR”) for the purpose of casting your body's vote in an election (For details on the appointment of AR(s), please refer to the relevant guidance notes); and
  4. only be registered in one of the following FC if your body is eligible to be registered in the following FC and any other FC at the same time:
    Agriculture and Fisheries;
    Insurance; or

Application form

Application for registration in a FC and appointment of an AR/report on change of particulars by a registered elector

  • PDF (open in new window)
    REO-42 (Application by a Body for Registration in a Functional Constituency and/or an Election Committee Subsector/Report on Change of Particulars)
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